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Youth, Art & Levante - YANTE
The non-profit NGO YANTE, short for Youth, Art, and Levante, was founded in June 2010 as a legal entity independent of religious and political affiliation. YANTE was founded and registered in Vienna, Austria, and later registered in Palestine as well. YANTE‘s aim is to plan and implement art projects in the Levante, with a special focus on Palestine. Hitherto projects have been brought to fruition through the generous support of foundations, sponsors, public authorities, friends, and private patrons. YANTE’a vision is to see people of all ages and social parameters participating in various art projects, within and for communities. Participants express themselves while believing that the uniqueness of an individual lays in the diversity of the whole. They gradually build a consensus through a bottom-up process, and agree that a rich culture is one nourished by all social strata.
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YANTE - Youth, Art, and Levante
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